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Application template

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Application template

Post by The Pokemon Master on Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:33 pm

Here is the template you must fill out to become an administrator of the forum. 1 person will be accepted.
Any expeirence with forums:
Any moderation experience?(please specify):
Any administration expeirence?(please specify):
Will you benifit the forum?:
Will you not abuse your powers as an admin?:
Why do you want to be an admin.(please do not say to help the forum, as that will make you application null and void for lying.)

you may not be accepted for an admin position. if you are not, that means you do not meet the requirments for an admin. it could also mean that you do not seem like the person we want as an admin. this is the most important and serious job on the forum. remember that as you apply. and ask yourself this question.: do i think i can help the forum greatly? and: do ihave what it takes to help run this forum and take on this huge responsibility? if you answer no to either of these questions, please do not apply to be an admin.

The Pokemon Master
The Pokemon Master

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Re: Application template

Post by McJordan on Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:26 pm

Any experience with forums: I've been using Forumotion for almost four years.
Any moderation experience?(please specify): I have a high moderation experience indeed.
Any administration expeirence?(please specify): Twas so for my Administration experience.
Will you benifit the forum?: Yes, I will try to make this the best Pokemon forum.
Will you not abuse your powers as an admin?: I have never done so, and never intend to.

Why do you want to be an admin?: Because I feel it will be beneficial to the forum and I have high experience in many sections of Forumotion. I am also a big Pokemon fan, and I have many games. The following are what I own (in order of regions):

Fire Red
Leaf Green
Pokemon: Blue Rescue Team
Pokemon: Explorers of Darkness
Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

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